Company At A Glance - LPP Agro Nusantara

Company At A Glance

LPP AGRO NUSANTARA was founded in Yogyakarta in 1950. Since it was established, LPP Agro Nusantara has been consistent in developing and improving performance, at the organizational, unit and individual levels.
LPP Agro Nusantara is now present in all industrial areas, not only serve the agro-industry needs, although this is still the main focus of the assisted industries.

LPP Agro Nusantara is firmly able to become the partner as well as involved in management consulting, which covers all activities from operations management, corporate strategy, roadmap & information technology strategy, human resources & benefits, organizational design and development, change management, legal & conflict resolution, financial advisory , marketing & sales, and public service monitoring systems.

Mainly in operations management which includes planning and initial project management, design and engineering, quality control and inspection, procurement of machinery and equipment, construction and commissioning of industrial projects, infrastructure projects, and special agribusiness projects.