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AGRONOW is a Learning Management System (LMS) developed by LPP Agronusantara in responding to the challenges of the development of the current learning system

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Aplikasi Assessment terlengkap da

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LPP Learning

LPP Agro Nusantara presents a practical solution for companies to improve competence but at an affordable investment cost, namely LPP Learning.

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Value Meter

VALUE METER adalah aplikasi yang digunakan untuk mengukur kualitas internalisasi tata nilai inti organisasi pada diri karyawan.

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NEW CONSULTING(NEWCON) is a web-based digital consulting and project consulting application. This application brings a new way of consulting.

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Be the center of transformation with clients towards high performance



  1. Building people’s capacity in embracing the change to make it more impactful and useful
  2. Assisting clients overcome and solve issues and transforms it into innovative advantage
  3. Developing comprehensive governance system utilizing information technology towards agile business process
  4. Facilitating proactive collaboration with eco-systemic stakeholders

"We ensure sustained behavior change and drive increased competency performance."

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